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The #3LTribe is a ridiculously amazing spiritual online community, filled with diverse woman and men, from all over the world, from every background and walk of life and is curated by Devin from Love Light and Legacy & Ambient Tarort.  It's only $5.50 a month and I honestly had no idea how badass it was going to be when I joined about a year ago, but it has been life changing for me.

There is a private FB group that is full of the most supportive group of people I’ve ever been apart of, you can literally ask anything ... and I mean ANY-THING and I swear at least 5 people will respond with help, support, advice, whatever it is you needed.


There is also a private website that has a crazy amount of content every month, here’s a bit of what you get EVERY month...

  • Monthly Tarotcast

  • Monthly Energy Cast by Water, Fire, Earth or Air signs

  • Astrology Forecast

  • Monthly Yoga Session

  • Free classes... and they are legit classes 

  • Reiki Certification 

  • Discount from a Spotlight Shop

  • Standing discounts other shopes

  • Tons of Archived content

  • Private FB Group

  • Access to Devin’s reading services

  • Guests who share their specialty

If any of the above sounds even remotely interesting click the link below to find out more and to sign up, we'd love to have you!