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Custom Malas, Pocket Malas & Mala Bracelets

What is a Mala? 

To put it simply, a Mala is a tool used for meditation. I have found them to essential to my meditation practice, because honestly I'm terrible at meditating!  I cannot sit still and my mind wanders constantly.  I use my Malas to repeat an affirmation or a mantra 108 times, usually while I have headphones on listening to Reiki music. They can also be worn as a necklace to give you support through out your day, which I do often! All my Malas are made with 108 natural stones, specifically chosen for each client and are hand knotted. 

What is a Pocket Mala?

A Pocket Mala is the same as a traditional Mala but on a smaller scale. They are great for individuals who do not care to wear jewlery, they are made to so that you can literally put it in your pocket or purse. They are made with 27 natural stones, specifically chosen for each client and are hand knotted.

What is a Mala Bracelet?

A Mala Bracelet is what I like to call supportive jewelry!  They are made with natural stones, specifically chosen for each client. They are strung on an elastic string for easy wearing.

Each Mala, Pocket Mala and Mala Bracelet is custom made specifically for each individual.  After a discussion with you, we will decide what area(s) you need support in and will choose your crystals from that conversation. 


$111 USD

Pocket Mala

$35 USD

Mala Bracelet

$20 USD

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