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This is the perfect 3 card spread to gain for insight as to what your Mind, Body and Soul are needing at this time. If you have never had a Tarot reading and are curious, this is great introductory spread.  It's also a wonderful reading if you don't have a specific question, but just need a little guidance on what you as a whole are needing. 

What Happens Once You've Booked Your Reading?

Once you have ordered your reading (via the link below) you will receive a confirmation of your purchase.  You will then receive a questionnaire that will ask for all the information needed for your reading.  We will then fine tune your question together so that you can/will receive the most in-depth responses possible. Once we have agreed on your question,  I will do your reading. 

All readings include:

  • Working together to reword your question, if needed

  • Specific, personalized Tarot Spread created for your situation and question

  • You will receive a PDF Tarot Story with your reading and photos

  • High quality photographs of your Tarot Spread and its individual cards

  • Oracle Reading for a final message from Spirit Guides


Tarot readings are not meant to predict your future, health or the outcome of a legal matter, because your path is not set in stone.  Tarot is a tool to help gain insight into questions and situations, and it can assist you in finding your path in life.  Please understand that the cards that are pulled for you reflect the path that you are on at this moment and there are many variables that can affect your path.

Refund Policy

Please understand that I cannot give refunds for readings once they have been completed. Regardless of how you feel about the reading, you will have received the time, expertise and document you have paid for.

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