I Have Goals Reading

I Have Goals Reading


We all have goals we are working towards and sometimes the path or what we need to do to reach that goal is unclear... and that can be SO frustrating!  If you have a specific goal that you would like clarity on how bring it to fruition, this reading will give you deeper insight on what you need to do to reach that goal.


Your reading will be delivered as a video, via a private YouTube link only for you (and of course whoever you want to share with!) and a photo of your card spread. 


    Please understand that I cannot give refunds once a reading has been completed.  You will have received the time, my expertise and document or audio file you have paid for.


    I am not a licenced therapist. I provide professional services based on my individual spiritual beliefs and/or practices. The advice and opinions recieved should in no way replace the opinion or suggestion of other medical, legal or mental health professionals. The Space Between Tarot and it's affiliates are not responsible for any direct, indirect, or incidental, consequential or punitive damages arising from any member using the services or consideration available on this site or through individual sessions or conversations.  All readings are for entertainment purposes.