Welcome to The Space Between Tarot, I am so happy you're here! 


Why I Read Tarot...

I find great joy in helping others, seriously, I know that sounds totally cheesy, but it rocks my world!!!  I have always believed that the Universe/God/Goddess/Spirit has a way of guiding us forward through our lives, our will is our own, but it likes to give us gentle or sometimes, a not so gentle kick in the ass in the right direction.  Tarot is a perfect tool for showing us insight into our lives.  I use tarot to help bring a greater awareness, insight and guidance on this crazy journey of life.  My goal is for you to leave your reading feeling empowered.

Me in a Nutshell...

I absolutely love to laugh and am a huge dork... get me going and you'll probably hear me snort laugh.  I swear ... alot.  I love cats, owls and goats ... chocolate, french fries ... really anything potato related.  I love to take day hikes, but no camping ... pilates keeps me sane as does a damn good cardio session.  I love rock music, which I've been listening to literally my entire life. Most of all I love my partner, our cats and my family. 

"Tarot is an instrument that reveals the hidden things of the world and makes sense out of the visible ones."

Wald Amberstone


“Wow... So my questions about my path are my path!  You have a true gift for this.  I am really appreciative, and I am putting it where I can see it and be reminded to be patient, and that I have the power of choice.  Thanks so much, I look forward to having more readings in the future!”      
D. D.

"WOW, that was pretty dead on my personality!  I've never had a reading done, so I can't compare, but all I can say is that the reading represents my conversations with the hubby for the last several months!"
M. Z.-S.

"Hoooolllllyyyyy shit, that is amazing!! I literally was yelling out loud, "WHAT??!!??"  I have to print it out and read it like three or four times.  That is totally crazy.  There is SO much accuracy potentially there.  Thank you SO much!!"

Thank you so much for this reading! This definitely had some very helpful advice. Everything is very true. Especially when you mentioned being happy with yourself. I have actually embarked on a journey to find that happiness again recently.  I was also looking for new affirmations to use as well for my daily meditations and those cards you pulled at the end of each reading seem to make complete sense and it’s something I will use. So thank you for that as well!   I am LIMITLESS. I am LIGHT.   Sounds good to me!


"This is amazing, and so on point. You are so awesome to have done this reading and put it together in such a concise and pretty format."

"Carol truly uses her heart as she connect to us and does our reading. She has helped me in many was, including reassuring me to keep going.  Truly a gift."