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Book Your Tarot Reading

How can I help you? Is something going on in your life that you need clarity, guidance with?  Let me pull some cards for you, let see what the Tarot has to say!


I want your tarot reading with me to feel like a conversation you have with your best friend, or that Auntie who tells it to you like it is, no BS ... you know you're always going to hear exactly what you need to hear and that it's coming from a place of love.


Tarot is a perfect tool for showing us insight into our lives. I use tarot to help bring a greater awareness, insight and guidance to my clients and whatever might be going on in their lives. My goal is for you to leave your reading feeling empowered.


I am SO excited to now be offering not only my tired and true Pre-Recorded Readings, but also Zoom Readings!

Tarot Card Deck

Pre-Recorded Readings

Pre-recorded readings allow you to watch your reading when it is most convenient for you. I will create a custom tarot spread to best answer and give guidance to your question. Your reading will be delivered as a video, via a private YouTube link only for you (and of course whoever you want to share with!). Your reading will be delivered to you in 7 business days. 

See the Pre-recorded reading options here.

Zoom Readings

I am so excited to be offering Zoom Readings! These readings are done live via Zoom, so we can be "face to face". Each session will be recorded and you will receive a copy of your video. 

To see the Zoom Reading options click the button below

Tarot Reading

Gift Cards

Who doesn't love a gift card??  Gift cards are so much fun, allowing your loved ones to purchase the reading they want. 

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