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Custom Malas, Pocket Malas & Mala Bracelets

What is a Mala?  To put it simply, a Mala is a tool used for meditation. I have found them to be essential to my meditation practice, because honestly I'm terrible at meditating!  I cannot sit still and my mind wanders constantly.  I use my Malas to repeat an affirmation or a mantra 108 times, usually while I have headphones on listening to Reiki music. But mostly, I wear my Malas.  Malas can also be worn as necklaces to give you support through out your day, which I do often!  Don't care for necklaces but still want the support throughout the day?  Check out my Custom Pocket Malas and Bracelets.

(better photos coming soon!!)

*Please understand we are not able to ship outside the USA     *Prices includes Tax and Shipping

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